Friday, 12 February 2016

Flowers or Candles for wedding centerpiece

Do you have a wedding coming up?  Are you starting to put the floral and centerpiece arrangements together for your big day?
mason jar candles
Not many times in life is there a planned day that can cause so much dedication, stress and involvement.  One challenge wedding planners face is deciding what to put in the centerpiece of the tables.  Do you go with flowers, an ornament, glassware or candles?  This can be a tough decision.  While each have their own beauty, recently, the most common table centerpieces are scented candles.  The right scented candle for your wedding centerpiece can bring not only great charm and beauty, but also fill the room with the brides’ favorite aromatic vibe.

Mason jar candles have become ahuge hit at weddings, both indoors and outdoors.  Whether you’re walking down a red carpet at your place of worship or a pathway of soft white sand leading to the breaking waves of the ocean, you can saddle up with a scented Mason jar candle for your fancy wedding.
mason jar candles

Wedding candles can be a tough item to find.  To get both an attractive candle that also smells at a reasonable price.  Here is one wedding Mason jar candle brand that focuses on wedding scents and offer a variety of different lid options for the bride and groom to choose from.  The great thing about these Mason jar candles is that each scent has a deep-bodied scent that won’t overpower a room indoors, yet has a strong enough throw to be smelled throughout. 

Try out their French Flower Garden, Lavender or Jasmine scent for your wedding.

If you’re a wedding planner and are looking to buy candles in bulk or wholesale.  Mason jar candles allows you to pre-order the candles for a discount and then ship the candles to the wedding location so that you have them in plenty of time for the wedding.


  1. Great article! I look forward to trying the French Flower Garden

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  3. Yeah I agree flowers and candles decoration makes venue look more impressive and elegant too. Last year when I got married, we had booked one of most beautiful New York wedding venues and decorated it with lily flowers. Everyone loved decoration part.