Sunday, 6 December 2015

7 New Ways to Re-purpose a Mason Jar for your Bathroom

Here are some clever ways that you can repurpose your beautiful Mason jar for your bathroom once your candle has burnt out. So keep it from finding its way to a landfill or recycling plant and extend its life in one of these nifty nuances. Followings are the new 7 ways to Re-purpose a Mason Jar Candles for your Bathroom.

1) Plants – Never can you go wrong when planting a flower or plant in some potting soil and watching it grow. This immediately adds life and purpose to your jar and your bathroom. A few great plant options that only require little light and grow well indoors are: The Rubber Tree, Bonsai Tree, Peace Lily, and small Snake Plant and of course succulents.

2) Vase – If you’re not the grower-type, but still want the liveliness of a fresh flower, then quickly turn your Mason jar into a vase. This can be done by simply putting the flowers in the jar and cutting them to length, or you can take it a step further and cut out a 2” diameter hole atop your lid to force your flowers to stand-up straight.

3) Soap Holder (Lid) - Not much work here… simply unscrew your lid, flip it upside down and use it as a placement for your bar of soap. The brass or black metallic lid often complement the white porcelain well.

4) Potpourri - Since your Mason jar will already maintain a level of lasting scent from your scented candle (if you haven’t washed it out with soap yet)…. You can add a blend of dried scents including lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, orange, juniper and many others to give your bathroom a deep aroma that’ll keep your commode area smelling fresh.

5) Tea light Holder – To keep your candling going in your Mason jar, simply light up a tea light candle and set it at the bottom of your un-lidded Mason jar. (Note: This has an especially romantic feel at night for a bath).

6) Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser – Cut out a 1-2” diameter hole atop the center of your lid and insert a pump from an old soap dispenser or other pump product through the hole.  For instructions on how to make one see here.

7) Storage – Rather than stuffing your everyday items into drawers… Instead, highlight them in an elegant Mason jar within your bathroom furniture. A few items that can go well and provide extra convenience are Q-Tips, cotton balls, razors, nail files and even some makeups.

Once your Mason jar has burnt its last wax, start to think about how you'll re-purpose your beautiful jar.  Hopefully one of these new ways to re-purpose a Mason jar for your bathroom will aide when you're decorating.

If you've found other ways to re-purpose a Mason jar for your bathroom, please let us know at