Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Potpourri-esque Candle Scent -French Flower Garden

We all love the scent of potpourri!  A collection of dried fragrant herbs or plants basking in a bowl, vase or other decorative vessel.  The French are credited with the coinage and popularization of the aromatic plant mixture.  Centuries ago, people would gather gorgeous herbs and flowers in the springtime, let them wilt for a day or two and then mix them amongst each other to provide a unique aroma, unachievable by a single flower itself.

Early candle makers saw this great bowl of scent and wondered how they could take this great nuance and instill it in the candle realm.  At the time, scented candles were much less popular than they are today, and the ones that did exist typical derived from a single scent.  Candle makers began experimenting with multiple fragrance oils to see if they could produce a more potent, full-bodied potpourri-style scent.

Mason jar candles today come in a variety of colors, wax types, scents, shapes andqualities.  Scented candles are most commonly single-scent (ex. Cinnamon, Lavender, Jasmine, Strawberry).  While these candles can smell great, they are typically much less potent and full-bodied than multi-scent candles.  Full-bodied candles have a slightly different process than a single scented candle and typically have much more fragrance oil. 

Potpourri-styled candles contain scents such as cinnamon, cypress, jasmine, juniper, lavender, orange, pinyon, rose, lily rosemary, and mint, among many others.  French Flower Garden, a new potpourri styled candle comprised of rose, violet, penoy, gardenia and lily has just made its debut.  This eclectic batch of aromatics yields a unique blend that’ll fill up any room.  Rose and violet complement each other very nicely, whereas gardenia and lily blend together as well.  Together this amalgam is one of a kind and a must have this spring to have in your bathroom or living room.  Try a French flower garden Mason jar candle for your home.  These Mason jar candles also make terrific gifts. 

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